June 25, 2024
how to apply surfboard wax

How to Apply Surfboard Wax Like A Pro

Any surfer knows that having a good wax job is critical to a good surf session. The problem is – not all surfers know how to apply surfboard wax properly. In order to avoid a slip and fall headfirst into the ocean – your surf wax needs to be applied right. Don’t be a kook!

In this article, we are going to share how to apply surfboard wax like a pro. Furthermore, our method is easy even for a novice. In our step by step tutorial, we’ll cover how to wax your surfboard properly from start to finish – base coat to top coat!

How to Apply Surfboard Wax Tutorial

In this section, I am going to share an easy to follow step by step guide on how to apply surfboard wax. Feel free to read through or follow along with the video tutorial. Soon enough, you will be able to apply surfboard wax like a pro in no time at all!

  1. Remove surfboard wax

If you have a new board skip this step. Otherwise, you will need to remove any old wax. Check this post on how to get surfboard wax off in 60 seconds.

2. Apply surfboard base coat

Now, your board is clean. Next, we can begin applying surfboard wax. First up, how to wax surfboard base coat. A base coat is important as it serves as the foundation to your wax job. Typically, a specific wax for base coat is used. This wax is more solid and doesn’t wear away like a top coat. The base coat will only need to be applied one time.

To begin, grab your bar of base coat wax. Now, make firm, long strokes diagonally in one direction across your surfboard. Apply enough pressure to allow the wax to begin to stick to the board but, not too much. Too much pressure will not allow bumps to form on the board. Remember, bumps are critical when you learn how to apply surfboard wax as they allow your feet to grip the board.

After you have made diagonal strokes in one direction across the entire board, it’s time to start stroking diagonally in the opposite direction. This is the criss cross method. The criss cross method is an easy method to apply surfboard wax that creates that sought after bump pattern throughout the board.

How to wax surfboard base coat
Applying surfboard base coat in a diagonal pattern

Finally, you need to know which area of your board to wax. Generally, you will apply surfboard wax from just above the traction pad to right under the logo near the top on a shortboard. For longboards, you will want to wax all the way to the nose to allow you to walk up to hang ten.

3. Apply surfboard wax top coat

After the base coat, it is time to apply your top coat. Applying the surfboard wax top coat is easy. To begin, take your bar of top coat wax and begin applying by rubbing small circles on your board. Unlike the criss cross pattern used during the base coat, apply the top coat using a circular motion. This method will allow small bumps of wax to form across the board.

how to apply surfboard wax
Applying surfboard top coat with a circular rub

4. Final product

Finally, your surfboard wax job is complete. All in all, a full wax including both base and top coat should not take more than 15 minutes. Going forward, you will only need to apply a quick wax top coat before each session. This should not take more than 2-3 minutes.

Now, you know how to apply surfboard wax like a pro. Time to surf!

How to wax your surfboard properly
A prime example on how to wax your surfboard properly!

Applying Surfboard Wax FAQ

In this next section, I will address some common questions related to how to wax your surfboard properly.

What surf wax to use?

Most importantly, understand that two different waxes are used for applying a base coat compared with a top coat. Most surf wax brands have a wax dedicated and named as a base coat. If not, use their tropical temperature wax as that will be more firm to create your base. Next, grab a top coat wax that matches the temperature of the water you are surfing in. Typically, wax comes in Cold, Cool, and Warm water temperatures.

Check here for more help on how to choose the best surf wax.

How much surf wax to use?

Generally, more surf wax is needed the first time you are waxing a fresh surfboard. For the base coat, we normally use half a bar of wax. For the top coat, we normally use about a quarter bar of wax the first time. After that, a light coat will do before each session. Normally, this will not be more than 1/8 of your bar of wax. Use this division as your barometer for how much surf wax to use.

How often to wax surfboard?

A fresh top coat of wax is recommended before each session. So, if you are surfing every day – you likely will need to wax your board every day. However, this quick refresher should not take more than two minutes. For your base coat, this will be applied far less frequently. Normally, I go about three to four months in between removing my wax completely and doing a fresh wax job. How often you apply surfboard wax is going to depend on how often you go surfing. Generally, it’s a good time to do a fresh coat from scratch when the wax loses its bumpy texture by forming into lesions on the board. Another sign is simply discoloration of your wax.

Finally, use a wax comb in between sessions to extend the life of your wax job. This will help to remove old/used wax while keeping your wax from clumping together. To use, scrape it through the wax on the surface of your board.

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A Final Note on How to Apply Surfboard Wax

In conclusion, waxing surfboards has been around since the beginning of surfing. It’s a necessary job for every surfer to ensure you have a good surf session without sliding around on your board.

With this tutorial, you now know how to apply surfboard wax like a pro in a quick and easy way!

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