June 24, 2024
surfing san diego in june

Surfing San Diego in June

In this monthly round up, check out what it’s like surfing San Diego in June, the average Ocean temperatures and the best breaks to surf based on swell direction this time of year.

What is it like Surfing San Diego in June?

As summer nears, the swell direction and consistency begin to change. Surfing San Diego in June offers waves that cater to surfers of all levels. The waves in San Diego during this month are typically moderate in size, ranging from 2 to 5 feet, making them ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers. The swell in June mainly comes from the south and southwest directions, providing consistent and enjoyable waves for riding. These swells are best for beaches in far Northern part of San Diego or the far Southern part. This is different than winter swells which are more balanced throughout the entire region.

You will also notice surfing in San Diego in June is a popular activity as the beaches get busier with locals and tourists alike. The beaches are buzzing with surfers eager to catch some waves and enjoy the warmer, sunny weather. Students are out of school and folks are on vacation so expect peak surfing crowds in June.

San Diego Water Temperature and Weather in June

San Diego in June offers ideal conditions for surfing, with pleasant water and air temperatures. The average water temperature hovers around 65-70°F. June is really the first month of the year where it becomes comfortable to shed your winter suit for a lighter spring suit, or even trunks. The air temperature in June ranges from 65-75°F, creating a perfect beach day ambiance for those looking to catch some waves or simply relax by the shore.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes into the surfing world or a seasoned surfer wanting to explore new waves, San Diego’s inviting climate in June sets the stage for an enjoyable surfing adventure. So, grab your board, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and ride the waves in this surfers’ paradise.

What are the Best Waves to Surf in San Diego in June?

Due to the extreme Southerly swell direction, surf breaks in either far North county or far South county will receive the brunt of the swell’s power and size. As such, intermediate and advanced surfers can check out Northern breaks like Oceanside Pier and Oceanside Harbor or Southern breaks like Imperial Beach and Coronado Beach.

If you are looking for milder, more forgiving waves check out Tourmaline Surfing Park or La Jolla Shores. Both are great for beginners. There are surf lessons and camps running almost daily out of La Jolla Shores and the gentle white wash here is perfect for learning to surf.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, San Diego’s diverse beaches in June provide ample opportunities to catch some waves and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery. So, grab your board and head to one of these fantastic surf spots for an unforgettable surfing experience in San Diego this June!

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  • Gavin Bechtold

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