November 27, 2022
big swells san diego

Big Swells San Diego Tracker

It’s always fun to watch big swells in San Diego! As such, I thought it would be fun to start tracking every time the waves get big and we witness big surf in San Diego!

In this post, I will be documenting big swells in San Diego to include the date, size, and direction of the swell. Each big wave San Diego event will also be accompanied by a short video.

Enjoy my compilation of the biggest waves and swells in San Diego!

List of Big Swells in San Diego

To begin, let’s classify big waves in San Diego. For the purposes of this list, a big wave event will be classified as anything above head high (6ft +). This list of big waves in San Diego will feature the most recent big swells in San Diego at the top. Enjoy!

Big Swell Carlsbad State Beach 10.13.2021

October is normally a good time of year to be blessed by offshore winds. In this last run of big surf in San Diego, the Santa Ana winds did not disappoint. Overall, the waves were not huge topping out at about head high but it was a clean and glassy more thanks to a light offshore breeze.

Carlsbad State Beach Swell Summary

Size: 4-5 ft +

Swell Direction: Mix of SSW swell and NW swell

Big Swell Ponto Jetties 9.14.2021

The recent big swell at Ponto Jetties occurred in all of San Diego. However, I happened to surfing Ponto Jetties this day. The larger sets were pushing well overhead, albeit a bit closed out. However, the next morning cleaned up and had much better shape.

Ponto Jetties Swell Summary

Size: 5-7ft +

Swell Direction: Combination NW + SW swell, predominantly SW.

Big Swell Ponto Jetties 9.14.21

As always, be sure to check Surfline for the current swell conditions and know your limits.

To find out when big swells drop, follow my Facebook page or subscribe below! Otherwise, the best time of year to surf San Diego (especially for big swells) is winter.