July 22, 2024
surfing san diego in april

Surfing San Diego in April

In this monthly guide, find out what to expect while surfing San Diego in April, the average Ocean temperatures and the best places to surf this month.

What is it like Surfing San Diego in April?

Surfing San Diego in April is season of change and a bit of mixed bag when it comes to what type of conditions to expect. Springtime is when swells from the northwest begin to taper off while swells from the southwest slowly begin to pick up. This can create consistent and manageable waves along the coast but at times, erratic. Wind swell is more common in April than solid groundswells.

The waves in April typically range from 2 to 4 feet, providing ideal conditions for both beginners and experienced surfers. Of course, some days outside these ranges. In April, the days also begin to get longer allowing for later sunset sessions. Crowds are still manageable before the summer crowds arrive but many schools are on Spring break, resulting in more surfers.

Compared to other months, April stands out for not being quite in peak season, allowing for a more relaxed surfing atmosphere. Local surfers and experts recommend April as a great time to enjoy the waves without the peak season crowds. Additionally, the combination of favorable weather conditions and manageable wave sizes makes April a favorite among surfers looking for a balanced surfing experience in San Diego.

San Diego Water Temperature and Weather in April

San Diego in April boasts pleasant water and air temperatures, creating an inviting environment for surfers. The average water temperature hovers around the mid-60s Fahrenheit, providing a refreshing yet comfortable experience for those hitting the waves. Surfers can enjoy the cool ocean waters without the need for a thick wetsuit, enhancing the overall surfing experience. Don’t be surprised however if temperatures are still in the low 60s. If South swells are late to arrive, surfing San Diego in April can be cold.

In terms of air temperatures, April in San Diego offers mild and enjoyable weather conditions. The average air temperature ranges from the mid-60s to low 70s Fahrenheit, making it perfect for spending extended hours at the beach and in the water. Surfers can bask in the warmth of the sun while catching waves, creating a delightful contrast between the cool ocean and the sunny skies.

Overall, the combination of moderate water temperatures and pleasant air temperatures in San Diego during April sets the stage enjoyable surfing. Surfers can relish in the comfortable conditions both in and out of the water, making April a prime month for enjoying the waves along the picturesque San Diego coastline.

Check the weather forecast in April before you go.

What are the Best Waves to Surf in San Diego in April?

Surfing San Diego in April generally favors combo beach breaks. Combo breaks are surf spots that are open to swell direction from both the North and the South. Good examples of combo breaks good for surfing San Diego in April are Mission Beach, La Jolla Shores, and Seaside Reef.

Another fantastic option is Tourmaline Surf Park, known for its consistent waves and friendly atmosphere. Surfers can expect a mix of lefts and rights, making it a versatile choice for different riding preferences. Tourmaline is also a great spot for beginners looking to improve their skills in a welcoming environment.

For those seeking a more challenging experience, Blacks Beach is renowned for its powerful waves and thrilling rides. With the potential for larger swells in April, advanced surfers can test their abilities on the fast, hollow waves at this legendary spot.

By exploring these top surfing destinations in San Diego during April, surfers can make the most of the favorable conditions and enjoy an unforgettable riding experience along the stunning California coastline.

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