April 23, 2024
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Best Rooftop Dining Oceanside by the Coast

There’s nothing quite like dining on the coast of San Diego. Rooftop dining in Oceanside CA is some of the best.

In this post, find out where to go for the best rooftop dining in Oceanside for not only the best coastline views but also the best food.

Best Rooftop Dining Oceanside with an Ocean View

To begin, check out our two favorite Oceanside rooftop restaurants with a view of the coast.

The Rooftop Bar at Mission Pacific Hotel

Atop the Mission Pacific Hotel, the Rooftop Bar is easily the best rooftop dining in Oceanside. Located on the 6th floor, this is the highest rooftop dining restaurant in the city. As such, it has the most expansive views of the coastline including Oceanside Pier. 

rooftop dining in oceanside
Excellent views of the Pacific for the best rooftop dining in Oceanside.

If the views weren’t enough, there is also a fantastic rooftop pool.

rooftop dining oceanside
The rooftop pool atop the Mission Pacific Hotel.

Tip: This is a prime rooftop bar/hotel for viewing fireworks on the 4th.

The Shore Room at the Seabird Hotel

This restaurant may be only slightly elevated but it sits directly in front of the Oceanside pier for a classic coastal dining experience.

Best Rooftop Oceanside Dining (Food)

Not all the rooftop dining in Oceanside has an ocean view but, there are still some excellent rooftop options that make our mouth water.

Hello Betty Fish House

Hello Betty actually used to have an ocean view until the Mission Pacific and Seabird hotels were constructed. Unfortunately, the ocean view for Hello Betty was obstructed since it only sits on the second floor. However, they have some of the best seafood and fish tacos in San Diego. Hello Betty also boasts live music most nights of the week. This is a rooftop Oceanside restaurant you don’t want to miss.

rooftop oceanside ca
A busy night on the rooftop of Hello Betty.

The Coco Cabana

Located on the second floor of the Brick Hotel, the The Coco Cabana boasts some pretty neat views of downtown Oceanside. They offer Caribbean infused food and cocktails in a lively rooftop atmosphere.

Top Oceanside Restaurants Non Rooftop

Outside of the rooftop dining in Oceanside, there are plenty of top Oceanside restaurants with fantastic food. These two top Oceanside restaurants should be on your shortlist to check out.

333 Pacific

The 333 Pacific is probably the top restaurant in Oceanside. While it’s not on a rooftop, it is right near the iconic Oceanside Pier; one of longest piers in San Diego. 333 Pacific offers excellent steak and seafood options as well as a complete bar.

The Famous High Pie

If you have seen Top Gun, you likely have heard of The Famous High Pie. This building was part of the original house used in Top Gun. The pie shop also does the movie justice with Top Gun memorabilia and staff outfits. But of course, the reason to go here is the freshly baked pies daily!

top oceanside restaurants
Come visit the Top Gun House for the pie and movie nostalgia.

Where to Surf in Oceanside Before Dining?

If you are looking to work up an appetite first, there are plenty of good surf spots in Oceanside including:

Oceanside Pier – The most obvious and central surf spot to downtown Oceanside. It’s also a great wave that breaks off both sides of the pier.

Oceanside Harbor – The Harbor picks up South swells during summer better than most anywhere in San Diego.

Buccaneer Beach – A more secluded beach break in Oceanside.

Camp Pendleton – Military ID or being related to the military is required for access to this uncrowded beach break.

*View our Top 10 Waves in San Diego, not just Oceanside.

In summary, there is more to eat after surfing than a just burrito in Oceanside. In fact, Oceanside is a pretty hip and exciting city now with many excellent rooftop dining options.

Spending the Night in Oceanside CA

Did you have a busy day filled with surfing and good dining? If so, rest your head at one of the many fine hotels of Oceanside. This Mission Pacific Hotel and Seabird Resort are both good options which you can book before you arrive in town.

Enjoy your stay in Oceanside!

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