April 23, 2024
dog friendly beaches san diego

Dog Friendly Beaches San Diego

If you are looking to take your furry friend to a dog friendly beach in San Diego, we got you covered.

In this story, we’ll guide you to the best dog friendly beaches in San Diego in addition to the beaches that have specific dog friendly beach hours. Don’t leave Fido at home during your next trip to the beach!

Best Dog Friendly Beaches in San Diego

Not all beaches in San Diego are dog friendly. The beaches on this list are not only dog friendly but they are also the only dog friendly beaches in San Diego. While this list of dog friendly beaches in San Diego is not that long; they all are great in their own ways. Choosing the best beach for you and your dog really comes down to your location and how accessible the beach is to your home.

Dog Beach Del Mar

Dog Beach Del Mar is North County’s dog friendly beach of San Diego. This beach is located directly off the Coast Highway 101 just South of Solana Beach. Dog Beach Del Mar is infamously located across the street from the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which holds horse racing and the County Fair.

This is a beautiful beach with coastal bluffs. It’s important to note that this beach is divided into two main sections. Firstly, the strip of beach running along the ocean and river mouth. Secondly, is the main beach which is also popular for beach volleyball.

dog friendly beaches san diego
Make sure your dog steers clear of the beach volleyball courts!

Dogs are allowed to run with you year-round in the ocean section. However, between June 15th and Labor Day; dogs are not allowed on Main Beach. During this peak time of year, we also recommend that dogs are on leash even in the ocean section to avoid fines.

Overall, this is a great dog friendly beach to walk or play catch with your dog. At the end of summer, the city even hosts a Del Mar Dog Surfing Contest!

Ocean Beach Dog Beach

Ocean Beach Dog Beach is the original dog beach in San Diego, founded in 1972! This beach is located at the end of Voltaire Street, in Ocean Beach, California. Be on the lookout for a large parking lot. From here, walk to the Northernmost section of Ocean Beach (far North of OB Pier).

This will bring you to Ocean Beach Dog Beach where dogs are able to run off leash 24-7, year-round! This is a haven for dogs where your furry friend will have a blast splashing around!

dog beach del mar
Soaking up some rays at a dog friendly beach in San Diego.

Coronado Dog Beach

On the backside of Coronado Island, you will find Coronado Dog Beach at Ocean Court and Ocean Boulevard, Coronado, CA 92118. The dog section is located North of the main Coronado Beach and Hotel Del Coronado.

This dog beach is not only off leash but there are no time restrictions. Let your dog roam free at all times! Do note that Coronado likes to keep its beaches clean, which is why free dog litter bags are conveniently located at the beach entrance.

Not to mention, Coronado has some of the best beach and ocean views in all of San Diego. You will enjoy coming here as much as your pup!

coronado dog beach
This dog may be enjoying the beach too much.

Fiesta Island

The last of our favorite dog friendly beaches in San Diego is at Fiesta Island. Fiesta Island is also in South County and is located on Mission Bay. To get here, use the address 1750 Fiesta Island Rd, San Diego, CA 9210.

Fiesta Island has a 4-mile loop around the island. Dogs can run free off leash all over the island with the exception of a Youth Camping ground and some long-term bird nesting sites. Have fun with your pup until the island closes at 10pm. Firepits are available for public use to stay warm after the sun sets.

Fun fact: Fiesta Island was voted the Nation’s Best Dog Park in 2016!

Dog Friendly Beach Hours in San Diego

Outside of the dog friendly beaches in San Diego mentioned in the last section, there are also certain beaches in San Diego that have specific hours when dogs are allowed.

It’s important to note that outside of the hours listed below, dogs are not allowed on these beaches. Within the dog friendly beach hours however, dogs are allowed provided that they are always kept on leash.

La Jolla Shores: Dog friendly beach hours are before 9am and after 4pm in the Winter (November 1st-March 31st) and before 9am and after 6pm in the Summer (April 1st – October 31st).

Pacific Beach: On the North side of Crystal Pier, dog friendly beach hours include before 9am and after 4pm in the Winter (November 1st-March 31st) and before 9am and after 6pm in the Summer (April 1st – October 31st).

Mission Beach: South Mission Beach has dog friendly beach hours same as above, from (November 1st-March 31st) in Winter and before 9am and after 6pm in the Summer (April 1st – October 31st).

Del Mar Main Beach: The main beach at Del Mar in front of Powerhouse Park is not considered part of the City of San Diego. As such, rules are different and dogs are allowed on leash ALL DAY long.

Cardiff State Beach: Also, not part of the City of San Diego, Cardiff State Beach operates on it’s own rules. Dogs are allowed on leash during normal beach hours 6am – 11pm. This dog friendly section of beach in San Diego stretches from Seaside Reef to George’s.

Imperial Beach: Once again, City of San Diego rules apply. Dogs are allowed before 9am and after 4pm in the Winter (November 1st-March 31st) and before 9am and after 6pm in the Summer (April 1st – October 31st).

Source: City of San Diego Guidelines for Dog Owners

In conclusion, if you cannot make it to the one of year round dog friendly beaches in San Diego, try visiting one of these beaches during their dog friendly beach hours.

dog friendly beach hours in san diego
Enjoy your doggy beach days!

Are San Diego Beaches Dog Friendly Year-Round?

Yes, San Diego beaches are dog friendly year-round! However, some beaches have shortened hours in Winter. Alternatively, while Summer dog friendly hours are longer at the beach; some beaches (like Del Mar) have restrictions on where you can take your dog in the Summer. Refer to the guidelines in this article for when and where your pup is allowed at the beach in San Diego!

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